Privacy Policy

In general
JM import is committed to protecting your privacy and personal life. While the nature of our relationship requires that we acquire certain details of your personal life, under no circumstances will any of that individually identifiable information knowingly be made available to anyone outside of our organization, except to process online payment. Even within our company, only those people that require your personal information in order to complete your transaction will have access to that information.

Secured by SSL
As soon as you enter personal data, you are secured by the 256 bit encryption protocol provided by the SSL certificate. You will notice the padlock sign in your browser to confirm SSL is working correctly. All URLs in this secured area will start with "https://", while regular pages start with "http://".

Look for these security features:

- top left corner We care about your prvacy
- bottom right corner We care about your prvacy
Internet Explorer
- top right corner We care about your prvacy

Credit cards
No electronic versions of any credit card information is ever stored in a JM import database and therefore we never expose your credit card information to the possibility of being improperly accessed. To increase your security, all transactions are securely processed by PayPal. Please read their policy.

Your personal data is safe
Any personal information that we do collect is for internal purposes only. We do not sell nor share your personal information with any external organization. Your name will not find its way onto any mass circulation databases and there will not be any new forms of "junk mail" in your mailbox because of your involvement with JM import.

Cookie storage
We use short term cookies to save your shopping cart while you are browsing our pages. These per-session cookies are deleted as soon as your session expires after you leave our website.

Who is responsible to ensure that information is kept confidential?
While our entire company understands and respects your personal privacy, the owner of JM import is specifically responsible for ensuring your personal information remains confidential.

Eventually, if you are unhappy with our privacy policy or the service as a whole you can discontinue the service at any time and request that your personal information be removed.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact us.

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